Staff Tributes

I consider it a great honor and privilege to be able to give my reflection on my 15 years of experience as a worker in this prestigious office. Dr. Wimmer, as a boss, is a man who can feel the pulse beat of all the personnel under him, their desires their needs and their dreams. As an employer, he is not only task-oriented but he is indeed very much person oriented. These are the ingredients which helped in building and sustaining this efficient and effective dental practice.

Dr. Wimmer has a soft spot in his heart for every one. He has made a lot of difference in my work life and in the way I view my relationship with my co-workers and our very patients. By example, he has taught us the meaning of a profound feeling and concern for the other fellow.

He is generous beyond compare, extremely patient, a very understanding father, husband, brother, friend and he looks at us, his subordinates, as persons with feelings. We are indeed happy to do our best in our work because he appreciates the little things that we do. Perhaps he is the only boss who knows how to say I am sorry when things go wrong. I am very thankful to our dear Lord for giving me the chance to work with our beloved Dr. Wimmer and I do hope that God will shower bountiful graces on him so that he will continue to be our dear Dr. Wimmer.

Tessie Postadan

I was hired by Dr. W in 1984 and I worked in his office as one of the two dental assistants. His office was on the 33rd floor with two treatment rooms.  We moved to the 30th floor a few years later to a more spacious office with five treatment rooms -- and from dental assisting I became one of the two front desk people. 

I left the practice three times: to pursue my nutrition degree; to pursue my dental hygiene career; and then my first husband got a job in Singapore and we had to pack and leave New York right away.  The whole time I was pursuing my different careers, whenever I had free time, I would always help out at the office and when I completed my dental hygiene degree in 1991, I became his full-time hygienist until I left for Singapore in 1992. 

I came back with a heavy heart from my first marriage and from overseas in 1996 and Dr. W took me under his wing and I worked part time as a hygienist and then becoming full time not long after that -- I came back to a bigger office and a bigger staff. 

Dr. W was always and has been very supportive of me with my decisions -- he was there for me when I changed careers, when I changed time zones, when I changed my marital status from single to married to divorced to single to married again. I’ve known him for 18 years and it's such a very rewarding and fruitful experience to work with him and to be a part of his great dental team!

Dr.W is such a wonderful, caring, thoughtful man with the biggest heart and wide open arms and a great sense of humor -- he's my employer, my mentor, my guardian, and my friend.

I love you DR.W!

Jo Lazaro Bierman R.D.H.

I would like to share with all of you my thoughts on a man that is respected and loved by everyone he encounters.  He has touched all our lives, in one way or another. As a fellow colleague, he has been very giving of his time and energy. 

Howard has also been selfless in giving his time to trouble shoot with the growing pains of my own dental practice.  As a boss, Howard Wimmer has been truly the best person I have worked for.  He has always been more than fair and he has a knack of knowing just what to say and when to say it. 

Most patients regard Howard as the "mayor of downtown NYC." He often enters an operatory, shakes the patient's hands and it seems like the Wall Street big wigs are just waiting to give Howard NY Knicks and Yankee tickets.  As a family man, no one has a higher regard than Howard when it comes to his lovely wife, four children, parents and in-laws.  The reason I know of this is because I have heard him speak so proudly of his family in my presence and I have also had the pleasure to meet with them on a few occasions. Howard is also a devout Jewish person.  He respects and honors his religion with the most utmost reverence. 

When it comes to financial advice, Howard has been extremely consistent…just do the opposite of what he says and you will do well.  On a serious note, most people including myself have been very fortunate and blessed to be associated with Howard Wimmer.  If only more people were like Howard, the world would be a better place. 

Good luck to you Howard!!!


Nick M. Mobilia, DDS
(colleague, employee, co-visionary, and friend for eight years)

Thank you for your letter and great opportunity to be a part of Dr. Wimmer's testimonials.  This is a privilege and big honor for me.

Let me share my story with you.  I met Dr. Wimmer in 1992, just 1 year after my arrival to the USA as a refugee.  It was a difficult time for me and my family.  Despite the fact that I reached some social level in my prior life, when I came here I was nothing.  I knew nothing so I had to find my way in my new life, and God sent me this man who showed me the way through.  He has played a very important role in my life.  Through him I learned American and Jewish traditions.  I started work for him as a dental assistant.  He and his staff taught me everything I know.  He spent a lot of his time talking to me, explaining things.  He insisted that I continue my education and advised me to go to NYU Dental School and get my degree in Dental Hygiene.  He gave me confidence and made me believe in myself.

Dr. Wimmer was there for me before and during my school years, an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene, the board exam, the death of my mom, and my family affairs.

In your letter you said to take a couple of minutes to write a few sentences.  It is impossible! Dr. Wimmer is a part of my life. Not even hours are enough to describe my appreciation for this mensch.  I have been blessed that I met him.

Every year, July 29 on his birthday, I sent him roses to show him that I remember everything he has done for me and my family.  HE IS A BIG HEART AND A GREAT PERSON!!!

And now when he celebrates 20 years of his practice I would like to wish health, happiness, and prosperity to him and his family.

From NJ with love,
Bella Dashevskaya and Family

Can't say or feel enough nice things about Howard.

He's sincere, thoughtful, honest, giving, always trying to help people, generous, caring, and just the nicest guy in the world.

He gets involved in his patients' care, treatment, and lives so he has a great understanding of their real needs.  This, many times, forms a genuine bond - and he IS sincere about this.  Not a show by any means.

Always tries to do the right thing!

Sam Kramer, D.D.S.

I have worked for Dr. Wimmer for 6 years, the last 3 as Office Manager.  Dr. Wimmer is a blessed man with words I could not describe him.  Therefore, I will draw you a picture.  Imagine a man with strong shoulders, deep eyes, honest mouth, round ears, and open arms.  His strong shoulders are for everyone to lean on; his deep eyes see no bias; his honest mouth speaks only the truth; his round ears listen to everyone's sorrow; and his open arms are what he uses to make everyone feel as special as he is.

Dr. Wimmer loves to mentor, inspire, and guide people.  I am privileged to have him in my life.  He is my mentor for truth and my inspiration for greatness.  May bliss always fill his life.



Talking about my ex-boss Dr. Wimmer.  He is a good doctor with an excellent heart, very compassionate, considerate in all aspects.  Does his works with dedication, very thorough, very kind to the patients.

As a boss, he is so good, generous, very understanding.  And he treated us equally.  He is very humane, loving, and unique in his own way.  Has good sense of humor.  Sometimes he growl like a lion but inside has heart.  He is a great, great person with excellent personality.  That's why we love him.  Although I'm not part of his staff anymore I surely miss him.  And I consider him to be the best boss that I ever had. 

I left when I had my baby and now we're closer to home.  He might remember me sometimes and I hope that he's not angry with me anymore for not coming back to work for him.  And I repeat, I consider him the best doctor that I worked for.  I love Dr. Wimmer.  He's my best boss (underlined 5 times) compare to my recent boss.

Sincerely, Mary Jean Jarin-Broxmeyer

Hope he'll remember me.  YES! DOCTOR! That's how I answer him, everytime he called my name.

I have worked for Dr. Wimmer for 2 years.  I have learned that Dr. Wimmer is a good man with a great heart.  He always wants the best for me -- with work and definitely in life.  Everyday he tries to show me who I am, and all the good I have in me.  He always offers his shoulder and ear to me, even though I have yet to take it.  But, whenever I need it, I know he will be there.

The 2 years I have been with Dr. Wimmer I see he is a well respected man.  I see it from his patients, colleagues, and employees.  I believe the 20 years of practice basically is a statement in itself!


Jeannie Lam

I've been working as a dental hygienist for Dr. Wimmer for almost 2 years now.  During my employment I have developed a very special connection with Dr. Wimmer.  He has a special gift of seeing the positiveness in a person.  He connects to that aspect and brings it out of the person.  This is why his relationship with his patients is so great.  He can relate to anyone and make anyone laugh.

Dr. Wimmer has a really good heart.  I always see him giving charity and doing favors for people.  He goes out of his way and really stretches his patience for others.  He especially stretches his patience with his staff.  You could see he wants to make the office run as efficiently as possible so that both the staff and the patients are happy.

There are so many things I admire about Dr. Wimmer.  It's his continuous energy, determination, dedication, wit, and of course his great work as a dentist that make him so admirable.


Yocheved Rosenberger, R.D.H.

I have worked for Dr. Wimmer for almost 2.5 years as his associate.  I have worked for many dentists in the past 6 years, but working for Howard has been by far the best experience of all of them.

He is an extremely warm and funny person that I feel very comfortable around.  As a boss, he is very generous, and is always willing to give advice on anything that I ask him about.  We always talk about sports, family, and dentistry -- and it is always an enjoyable experience when I do.

Simply said, he is a terrific guy.

Dr. Jeff Sklarin

Dear Mrs. Marks,

Thank you for writing and informing me of Dr. Wimmer's great achievements.  I am very happy to hear that you are doing this project for such a wonderful, generous, man.

I first met Dr. Wimmer in February of 2000.  He was looking for an office manager/consultant.  Being that I worked across the street and we both had the same ideas of what he wanted to implement into his office procedures.  Our first visit went so well and we both were on the same level, we seemed as if we were old friends.

We met several times afterwards with more interviews and discussing our ideas and visions, and developed a strong bond and respect for one another.

Dr. Wimmer is a visionary.  He has set goals for himself and I believe has achieved and reached each and every one of them.  This the reason he is so successful and so very much loved by me, his patients and family.

Dr. Wimmer has truly become a true friend to me, and to everyone who comes into his path; and this is because he listens to his patients, colleagues, and employees.  He treats everyone with respect and this makes him a unique individual.

His art of dentistry surpasses any of the dentists I have worked with. I was very glad to have had the opportunity to be part of his family that works at 39 Broadway.

I congratulate Dr. Wimmer on his success in his profession, but also in his marriage and personal achievements.  Bravo Dr. Wimmer!

Best Wishes,
Martha Showty

I have worked for Dr. Wimmer for less than a year, but it is not a surprise to me that he has such a successful life.  His passion for dentistry and love for his family and friends is proven every day.

I congratulate him on his 20 years of service and wish him many more successful years.


Tanya Knieps

I worked for Dr. Wimmer as a dental hygienist before I had a baby.  I have to say that it was an absolute pleasure to work for Dr. Wimmer.  He takes pride in his work and pride in his practice, and was truly concerned for all his patients.  That type of caring was contagious, and it spread throughout his staff. 

Aside from being an excellent dentist, Dr. Wimmer is a genuinely kind person with a heart of gold.  He always takes the time to look for the good in people.  It was very rewarding to work with such a true professional, and I'm proud to say that I did.  I certainly wish him all the best.

Joyce Mattera

I have been working for The Exchange Dental Group for about 2 years. I found this job through Yenni.  Yenni is my cousin through marriage (her brother is married to my cousin).  At the time, the office needed help.  As you know, the office is always busy.  I was 16 years old at the time, and that was the first time Dr. Wimmer ever hired a teen.  During the interview, he seemed like a very sweet man.  He said he needed a full-time employee, however, he gave me the opportunity to try something new as well as himself.

Yenni and Jeannie taught me everything.  Everything about the office and insurance.  I learned pretty quickly, and boy was Dr. Wimmer impressed.  He was glad he had such a great front desk.

One day, I had problems at home and at school.  During that time, my father had recovered from a stroke that had a huge consequence, anxiety attacks.  I was so scared and my friends knew nothing of it because we were still young.  So I went to Dr. Wimmer.  He made me feel so much better.  He reminded that everything was going to be okay.  Shortly, I was going off to college and I was so afraid.  I thought I couldn't make it through college.  Dr. Wimmer told me that he believes in me, and that he knew I was going to make it.  And I did, Hunter College, a nursing major.

Ever since then, I can talk to him about anything.  He really can take ease off of someone's shoulder.  To me, besides being my boss, he was like a mentor.  He is a man so well educated and had words of wisdom.  Besides being a great dentist, he is indeed a great boss, father, friend, you name it.

Audie, I hopes this helps with your testimonial.  See you soon in the office someday.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak out on how great of a man Dr. Howard Wimmer really is.

Dorian Woo

Dr. Wimmer you’re the only one of a kind. If I love my work now and in the future it’s because you have taught me how to be happy doing something. For the little things I have done you’ve always had an encouraging word, a nod and a pat on the back and this made me feel that I belong to a group and that I am wanted and love.

Remember the painting of the doors and the shelves in the office eight years ago. You had always been praising me to high heavens for a simple work that I have done because that was my first stint in being an employee by someone else. Thank you very much for making me feel that I am needed and that I am always welcome whenever I want to come back.

Melisa P. Javier

As we all know by now, life happens as it will.  There are some things that we can control, however there is a lot of life we experience by chance.  Given that, we are sometimes lucky enough to come across people who influence our life in a way that can have an impact on us forever.  That person for me is Howard Wimmer.

I walked into his office a little more than 8 years ago never expecting to meet such a warm and energetic man.  I had practiced in many offices through the years and never really liked where I was -- from the surroundings to the dentists I worked with (most dentists aren't as cool as Howard and me!).  In his office I found a friend and a mentor.  Now at first I resisted the information he would share with me because I thought I knew it all ... I did not.  It took a while for me to understand his subtle approach to trying to make me the best dentist and person I could be.

He would spend a lot of time with me as a friend but in a fatherly-like way trying to help me with my personal life -- and I did need a lot of advice! He would offer his thoughts on how to deal with my family (especially my mother) as well as my dating life. The nice thing about his advice was, although he may not approve of some of my decisions, he would support them but also add a little of his wisdom just for me to think about. 

I am not working with Howard anymore -- I have joined a friend from school and am in the process of creating the dental practice of my dreams uptown.  My move occurred a few months before 9/11.  I know that he dealt with that with the fortitude that is a part of him to rebuild his practice to where it is now.  I miss him all the time (I know I don't let him know that often enough).  His generosity in so many areas taught me to be the person and dentist that I am now.  He allowed me to be and to do what I needed to which set me on the path that I have traveled to end up where I am today.

I thank him more than he knows and I am honored that I was given the opportunity to write these words to him.

Haiva Marks, D.M.D.