In honor of your dedicated service -- with much appreciation.
August 2002


My name is Audie Marks and Iíve been a patient of Dr. Howard Wimmerís for over 15 years.  This summer, he celebrates 20 years of practice at 39 Broadway (and 23 years of marriage!).  Can you believe how time flies?

Iím a Senior Producer and Director in media and I create content for popular womenís magazines.  In my work, I find that thereís nothing like a testimonial to make someone feel special and remembered.  So, Iím putting together a booklet of testimonials from patients, staff, and associates in appreciation of Dr. Wimmerís 20 years of dedicated service.

Howard was there for me before and during my great marriage, a Masters Degree, the death of my husband, 9/11, ten cavities, two bridges and seven root canals.  He certainly knows my mouth but he also knows my soul.  I have a feeling heís affected many of you in much the same way.

Iíd really appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes and write a few sentences about Dr. Wimmer -- perhaps your experience as a patient or staff member.  Or share an anecdote/story/memoryóthat would be fine, too.  Email me at

Thanks for participating in this celebratory booklet.  Iím hoping to have all the material by Labor Day so kindly get back to me as soon as possible.


Audie Marks


P.S.  In case you are wondering, I got your name from Yenni, Jo, and Tessie.

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